AV Solutions

Providing the World’s Leading Digital Projection, Display and Audio Technologies

We provide a selection of A/V components, racks, patch panels, cables and more from leading manufacturers. We eliminate the complexity of the system’s design by consulting with our IT experts. As we simplify the supply chain by consolidating shipments and costs, minimizing purchase orders, conducting DOA testing and managing inventory, the project deployment speeds up.

Multimedia Projectors

Our solutions include a wide range of options in terms of content projection, both in lightning technology and performance.


Displays are the central element of the instalment’s environment. They can be used to share live or pre-recorded multimedia content with an audience. They can include interactive applications such as multi-touch displays used in sales or exhibition centres.

Projection Screens

Stylishly designed electric or manual projection screen for wall or ceiling mounting with tab-tensioned system for a perfectly flat screen surface.

Interactive Boards

Solutions for education: from preschool to schools and universities. Sets of applications meant to increase efficiency, interaction and additional ways to share information.

Video Walls

Video walls are the core element of different setups: dispatchers, university campus, stores, shopping malls, lobbies, event halls, command and control centres, hotels and airports.

Discussion Systems

Our digital discussion systems for small to big-sized conference applications. They stands out through their digital technology and ease of use. The units are pleasing to the eye and harmonize perfectly with the contribution equipment.

Sound Systems

Sound systems are needed in various setups as event halls, conference rooms, hospitals and so on. A well-designed audio system is mandatory for any environment.

Voting Systems

Discreet solution that is perfectly suited to conference rooms without an existing sound system. The ability to connect headphones provides accessibility for the hearing impaired. Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online


Our models are not only professional mixer / amplifiers; they also offer the functionality of a digital audio interface. This supports four audio channels by means of which the mixer can be integrated into a digital recording environment.

Video Matrixes

Video matrixes are an excellent choice for off-site or unmanned A/V systems, especially sensitive, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week environments. Features such as self-monitoring, redundant power, and cooling systems make our solutions uniquely reliable.


Our projectors represents the smartest, brightest and lightest high-performance, professional projectors available. Short timelines, tight budgets and high expectations.

Control and Command

Infrastructure and control equipment facilitate the integration of different processes and applications such as switching, distribution, transportation and scaling of various AV signals. The control and command processors help us create an integrated system, easy-to-manage and user-friendly.

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