If the standard products do not fit your specific need, we have numerous alternatives to highlight the details that matter to you. From webcams to dual speaker track systems.


Through a powerful combination of technologies and design that allows you and remote participants to feel as if you are all in the same room, the our portfolio has the potential to provide great productivity benefits and transform your business. Many organizations are already using it to control costs, make decisions faster, improve customer intimacy, scale scarce resources, and speed products to market.

Touch Control

Our devices feature a revolutionary user interface focused on people and how they communicate in one-on-one and group settings. Work environments today demand interactions that are distributed across communication mediums and vary with the changing context, contacts, and content. With our devices, you can quickly and easily access the most common tasks in the context of your interaction.


Enjoy the hands free experience with the best possible sound quality. The headset is the mandatory companion for professional desktop conferencing. All of them deliver background noise reduction and perfect transmission of sound. Interruptions are minimized thanks to a clever in-call LED light, and the inline call controls allow you to manage the call without looking away from your work.

Our Accesories

Lifesize Camera S
Polycom EagleEye Acoustic
Polycom EagleEye Director
Polycom EagleEye III HD Kamera
Polycom EagleEye IV
Polycom EagleEye Producer
Polycom EagleEye View
Avaya Scopia Control
Cisco TelePresence Touch
Lifesize Phone 2nd Generation
Polycom RealPresence Touch
Polycom Touch Control
StarLeaf Phone
Lifesize Phone 2nd Generation
Logitech USB Headset H650e
Logitech Wireless Headset H820e

All Video Conferencing Solutions

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