Intrusion Alarm Systems

An intrusion alarm system detects intruders and helps protect your space. Learn about intrusion definitions, basic equipment and concepts you should understand when it comes to a security system. What is an intrusion alarm system all about? How does it work? Which products are needed to make a professional alarm system work? Just ask one of our specialist and he will help you to find the right detector for your special security needs.

Security you can rely on

Whether you are securing a home, retail store, bank, museum, commercial business or government facility, you need dependability from your systems. With years of experience and an unwavering dedication to high-quality and high-performing products, Aniva provides best-in-class false alarm immunity and catch performance while minimizing installation time and complexity. Thousands of residential and commercial users rely on Aniva for superior intrusion detection.

Excellent catch performance

First Step Processing intelligently analyzes motion for an almost instant response to intruders. The detectors automatically adjust to their environment by compensating for temperature fluctuations, so you are guaranteed optimal performance regardless of changes in room conditions. Intelligent intrusion detection is a delicate balance between responding to real security breaches and ignoring sources of costly false alarms. Aniva offers a choice of detector models that set the standard for reliability and rapid detection.

No more false alarms

Our detectors feature Microwave Noise Adaptive Processing to easily differentiate humans from false alarm sources, such as a ceiling fan or hanging sign. For increased reliability, dual sensors process the PIR and microwave Doppler radar signals independently and must agree there is an alarm before the relay activates. The sealed optical chamber also prevents drafts and insects from affecting the detector. Bosch pet and small animal immunity provides optimal sensitivity for any application.

Our Intrusion Detection Systems

Bosch Conettix D6100IPv6 Communications Receiver
Bosch B942 Touch Screen Keypad
Bosch D1255RB Keypad
Bosch MX934i Multiplex PIR Intrusion Detector
Bosch Professional Series TriTech Curtain Motion Detectors
Bosch DS1108i Glassbreak Detector
Bosch Remote Programming Software
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