The Bucharest University of Economic Studies from Bucharest, the Leader of the Romanian higher education institutions in the field of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, has allways been a forward thinking graduate and professional school. So, in 2017, they saw the usefulness and eventual requirement to capture audio and video lectures, lab procedures, and other educational demonstrations. The AV equipments needed to be not only functional, but also blend in with the surroundings and be aesthetically pleasing.

OMV Petrom supported The Bucharest University of Economic Studies for the complete upgrading of the Amphitheater as part of an expanded partnership between the two entities.

ANIVA provided an easy-to-use and reliable integrated AV system that met the University’s most important criteria: to allow students to participate in a new teaching style!

The System


The system successfully combines a large 3.6 meter display and a Christie Digital FHD projector, world leader in the Digital Projection & Display Technologies industry. High-quality sound could only be obtained using the Fohhn AL 20 Linea and Shure microphones, which were embedded in the desk for functionality and appearance. Moreover, the teacher can, with the Element One retractable monitor, preview the information before projecting it, or use the personal laptop to convey the information through the architectural connective solution embedded in the furniture.

Command and control


Extron‘s centralized control and control system, which has a user-friendly keyboard integrated into the desk, manages source switching, volume control and projection control. Additionally, the whole course can be filmed and stored with the help of a professional ceiling-mounted camera.