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Over the past years Romania has made a rapid social and economic development and great reforms. With the accession to the EU, this process is completed. As a result, there were no obstacles for entrepreneurs to fully exploit the opportunities in Romania. Presence of Dutch professionals in Romania and Romanian professionals in The Netherlands is increasing month over month. The Netherlands is one of the most prominent trading partners of Romania and consequentially eco-systems between the two countries begin to evolve.

To improve communication between the countries, multiple businesses have resorted to the implementation of technology that allows collaboration across distance. With video conferencing as a main driver, two leading companies in this arena found each other to address the challenges involved in harmonising systems in Romania and The Netherlands. The result: a partnership between visual communication specialists, providing unified installations of collaboration equipment. DEKOM (The Netherlands) and Aniva (Romania) have a history of many years of banking on each other’s capacity and knowledge when it comes to global deployments. In 2016, the partnership has formalised since the volume of business has been growing steadily. Although the companies have their own identity, many similarities are found. In the way they work, the approach to portfolio management and the uniform way of dealing with complex installations. When deploying a video conferencing solution in both Bucharest and Amsterdam, it is good to be able to rely on a synchronised set of rules. This optimises the user experience and the reliability of the solution, while maintaining the best possible total cost of ownership throughout the years. And obviously, on both locations a local presence of qualified service engineers.

Aniva and DEKOM put in practice a number of procedures that strengthen the relationship with vendors, suppliers, engineers and customers, providing a single point of contact for video conferencing, presentation areas, boardrooms and unified communication enabled workplaces.

Synchronisation of portfolio
Aniva and DEKOM share common thoughts when it comes to putting quality first. As a consequence, the portfolios are quite identical. Both companies have long lasting relationships with leading brands within their respective field of expertise. Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, StarLeaf and Yealink are the prime brands for video conferencing. Both Aniva and DEKOM have the right set of qualifications to provide uniform delivery and installation of the equipment and software. To a further extend, Aniva and DEKOM are qualified service partners for local service. In fact, by partnering in such a way, Aniva and DEKOM are doing exactly what these vendors are dreaming of: expanding the reach on global level, with a local touch.

In the area of audio visual installation, DEKOM and Aniva meet the customer’s needs by providing the most renown brands as well. These include, but are not limited to, NEC, Samsung, Bosch, Christie, Extron, Crestron, AMX and Biamp.

For the customer, it matters most that both suppliers can provide the products and services with proper certification and recognition, guaranteeing smooth operations during the entire product life time of the solution.

Sharing knowledge
What works best for the customer and guiding the client on a journey of new technology is in good hands: the experience in this international world is huge. Onboarding and welcoming the customer to a new way of working is done in local language, with international experience. Aniva and DEKOM spend a great deal of time sharing knowledge and putting in place best practices, obtained from a vast experience, in multiple sectors across the market.

Service and maintenance
For international organisations, symmetry in service agreement matters. Nothing is as frustrating as being used to a certain protocol and to find out that things are completely different in another country. That is why Aniva and DEKOM adjust service protocols to the most simplified versions a customer can wish for. Getting the job done is as easy in Holland as it will be in Romania, without different approaches or rules to apply.

A number of customers have had the experience to work together with both Aniva and DEKOM. Some of these customers never had the idea of working with
different companies and that is exactly what DEKOM and Aniva had in mind: a synchronised experience in function of harmonised installations in different countries. In public sectors, Aniva and DEKOM worked together on projects at NATO, European Commission, European Central Bank and some others. In the public sector, DEKOM and Aniva made state of the art boardrooms for Cisco and provided video conferencing services for Damen Shipyards, Alewijnse Marine Technology and ING Bank, just some examples of companies with both premises in The Netherlands and Romania.

Global Deployment
In projects that grow beyond the borders of Romania and The Netherlands, both Aniva and DEKOM work with the same partners across the globe. DEKOM, present in The Netherlands, Germany (Headquartered), Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and Turkey, has local presence in multiple countries in Europe and is preferred partner to a number of international players. With over 6.000 international joint customers in more than 130 countries, the global spread is more than clear and there are hardly any challenges to further expanding this territory.

The ambition to excel in whatever is done, is widely recognised by certifications from leading vendors. Not only are the partnerships recognised by diplomas and completed course material, but also by numerous awards from these vendors, rewarding both Aniva and DEKOM multiple times as most favourite reseller in their regions. This is yet another confirmation that the customer is making the right choice.