Discreet solution that is perfectly suited to conference rooms without an existing sound system. The ability to connect headphones provides accessibility for the hearing impaired.

Electronic Voting

Get the opinion of your audience or take decisions quickly by means of electronic voting. The chairman presides over the meeting and controls the voting proceedings using a chairman unit. In addition, an operator can control the voting via a personal computer or via a touch screen. The chairman unit’s graphic LCD provides the chairman with speaker information, a voting script and voting results. The unit can be used to start, stop and suspend voting.

Conference with operator control

With our solutions you can basically control all aspects of the meeting. The operator sets up all the requirements and necessary authorizations for each meeting. You can allocate various operating functions to each microphone unit. The operator can run the conference according to a pre-configured agenda or make adjustments in real time. Electronic voting can be made available to the entire group or only to specific delegates. Sophisticated interfacing options allows conferencing data to be automatically and instantly relayed to a variety of outputs.

Display Conference Data

Show conference data to your audience via projectors or large screen. Show information on screens for delegates or chairman. Flexible configuration of the screen by adjusting colors, fonts, texts, lines and images. The logo or emblem of your business or a city council can be easily added as an image. You can display the names of delegates who are currently speaking, with the remaining speech time, the listed delegates who are waiting to speak, voting scripts and results or absent and present delegates.

Our Voting Systems

Bosch DCN Voting System
Bosch CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System
Televic Cocoon Voting Software

Other AV Solutions

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