Perfect for achieving natural, high quality sound with quick and easy set-up. Wherever it’s needed. No prior technical knowledge needed. Compatible with most currently available radio microphone brands.

Standard Model for High-Quality Audio

We take sound reproduction of both speech and music to the next level. The speakers’ sound dispersion characteristics can be adjusted to suit the room conditions, avoiding unwanted reflections and providing even coverage of all audience areas. Because of this, it’s possible to achieve superb speech intelligibility and a clear cohesive image, even in the most demanding acoustic conditions. For customers who want to link multiple rooms together for centralized control, or add them to an existing network, there’s no smarter choice than our solutions.

Real-time sound control

Our user-friendly software enables real-time control of the speakers’ sound dispersion characteristics. This allows sound to be focused quickly and accurately on each particular audience area, giving outstanding results with both fixed installations and live performance systems. Because the loudspeaker system is invariably installed at the end of a construction project, or live set-up, time may be limited to quick and rudimentary adjustments and sound checks. Being able to control the sound dispersion in real-time makes the set-up considerably easier.

Even sound distribution

With our solutions, even sound distribution is guaranteed throughout the venue, from warm, pleasant sound at the front, to clarity and detailed intelligibility right at the back. What‘s more, significantly fewer speakers are required to achieve perfect room coverage. As a true line array system, our system produces its sound in the form of a cylindrical wave. Unlike conventional systems, the sound pressure level within the cylindrical wave only decreases by 3 dB, instead of 6 dB, as the distance doubles.

Our Sound Systems

Biamp Audia Flex Open
Biamp Nexia CS
Biamp Tesira Forte AI
Fohhn Easy Port Series
Fohhn LINEA Focus
Fohhn PT 9 Waveline

Other AV Solutions

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