Our models are not only professional mixer / amplifiers, they also offer the functionality of a digital audio interface.

The ideal solution for an enormous variety of applications

Whilst for a great many live music applications an integrated solution in the shape of a powered mixer has long been the proven and preferred alternative, our products, with their flexible performance profile, soon found acceptance, too, in such places as hotels, churches, halls, music schools, clubs and restaurants as well, naturally, as in the rental business, being convenient, compact, light and very simple to operate systems for small to medium-sized events.


The audio player recognizes usb drives and hard disks and plays back mp3 and wav audio files with virtuosity. The selection of presets includes the most popular reverb, delay, chorus and mixed effects. If desired the effect signal can also be mixed to the AUX bus. The effects section can be switched ON/OFF on the front panel or by means of an optional footswitch. Selecting the MENU opens the door for a multitude of additional settings and functions.

Compact Mixing System

Our compact mixer appeals not only through its successful and high-quality design but above all through its ‚internal values‘—through what constitutes in this device category outstanding audio performance. With its very lavish feature set and exemplary versatility it is the ideal choice for all professional applications in which few channels yet very high audio quality are required. These characteristics also commend the CMS for the field of fixed installation.

Our Mixers

Dynacord Powermate 3
Dynacord PM 502
Dynacord CMS 3

Other AV Solutions

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