Solutions for education: from kindergarten to schools and universities. Sets of applications designed to increase efficiency, interaction, and additional modes of delivery of information.

How is technology changing classroom life?

The use of Interactive Boards in the classroom means that technology can be integrated into everyday learning, rather than a once a week trip to the computer lab. Primary-aged children can use educational games to fine-tune their early mathematical skills, helping to make the learning process entertaining as well as informative. The nature of teaching and learning is becoming more collaborative. The accelerated rise of technology in schools means that we are entering a whole new world of innovation and creativity, and the possibilities are endless.

University education and technology

Advances in technology are also changing the way that university students learn. Technology has enabled students from different colleges to share information through creating online learning communities where they can enjoy debates and discussions on the same specialist topic. One of the biggest transformations for university learning is, of course, the internet. Students can now find specialist reports and articles on a vast range of subjects, encouraging them to delve deeper into their chosen topic and challenge their points of view.

Group interaction

Interactive whiteboards promote group discussion and participation. They are an effective tool for brainstorming as notes made on the screen can be turned into text, and saved to be shared and distributed later. They are an ideal tool for small group work and collaborative learning, as students can huddle around the board developing ideas, and then save the work for sharing over a network or by email. Any application that runs on your computer can be used on an interactive whiteboard. You can surf the internet, annotate a text document or demonstrate a piece of software.

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