Our digital discussion systems for small to big-sized conference applications. They stands out through their digital technology and ease of use. The units are pleasing to the eye and harmonize perfectly with the contribution equipment

Excellent speech intelligibility

Our systems deliver excellent speech intelligibility thanks to advanced digital audio processing and superior microphone and loudspeaker performance. The loudspeaker and the microphone are activated simultaneously to create a more natural face-to-face meeting feel, encouraging participants to more easily take part in the meeting. The result? Every word spoken is understood by all participants, and productivity is optimized in every meeting.

Highly productive meetings

Our Discussion Systems are an excellent choice for small to large sized applications. The chairperson can guide the discussion, allowing individual delegates to speak or letting several delegates take the microphone simultaneously. For more advanced control of the meeting the chairperson can use a laptop or tablet which provides him/her with the ability to manage the discussions by remotely activating or deactivating participant microphones and shifting participants from the waiting list to the speaker list.

Successful meetings assured

For many years to come, every meeting will be fluent, decisive, and business-like, thanks to the system’s advanced features and long-lasting reliability. Aniva is renowned for the reliability of its systems, regardless of the application size. Hence, our Discussion Systems, with their superior materials and component choices together with extensive quality assurance processes, ensures that users enjoy free-fl owing, highly-productive meetings. Dealers and rental companies also benefit from lower call-back costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Our Discussion Systems

Biamp Devio
Bosch CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System
Televic D Cerno Discussion System
Televic Confidea G3
Televic Interpreter System
Televic uniCOS Multimedia
Televic Plixus MME
Televic Cocoon Discussion Software

Other AV Solutions

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